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Manage your manufacturing needs with TallyPrime

Stock Management
Stock Management

Stock Management - Classify your stock into various stock groups and categories such as raw material, work-in-progress, finished goods, brand, size, colour, etc.


Record complete manufacturing cycle, right from the receipt of raw materials till the dispatch of finished goods, including details of by-product, co-products and scrap

Manage Inventory batch-wise
Manage Inventory Batch-wise

Manufacture, store and track inventories by lots, batches, etc. along with manufacturing and expiry date management

Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials

Define multiple Bills of Materials (BoM) with a complete list of components, raw materials, assemblies, co-products, by-products, scrap, etc. along with the quantities required to manufacture a finished product

Storage Management
Store Management

Store raw materials, finished goods, components, etc. at different locations such as warehouse, production floor, and showrooms, and track the locations from where stock is stored, consumed, and dispatched

Job-wise costing
Job/project-wise costing

Complete track of cost and revenue from a specific order for all those manufacturing jobs undertaken according to customer requirements and specifications

Job work
Manufacturing outsourcing and insourcing

Record, track and manage material issuance, receipts, and consumption in the process of outsourcing and insourcing manufacturing activity

Inventory reports
Accurate Inventory Reports

Personalized, accurate and actionable inventory reports such as stock ageing, movement analysis, re-order level, etc. help you manage optimum inventories

Stock Management
Manage stock from/far third party

Manage and track inventories sent to or received from a third party, separately from your regular stock, especially in case of outsourcing, consignment sale and similar business situations

Get the TallyPrime 3 Months subscription, for USD 81. Call 1800 700 5576 for any query.


How can I test the product before buying?

You can download TallyPrime from our website, after finishing the installation you can choose to work in Educational Mode.
Read more+The Educational Mode allows you to learn and use TallyPrime without buying a license. You can work on data on your computer with some restrictions. For example, you will not be able to enter transactions for all days in a month.

What all additional features/modules I can manage in TallyPrime?

TallyPrime is a complete business management software that help you manage accounting, inventory, banking,
Read more+insightful business reports, credit and cashflow management, online access, cost control and Analysis, security and user management

Do you have local support and after sale services?

You can reach out to Tally at 1800 700 5576 or support.us@tallysolutions.com.