Reimagining the Selection List for Delightful Customer Experience

|Updated on: August 1, 2022

Powerful user interactions

Imagine the following - 

You can do all the following operations using the same experience

  1. Select and load a data file
  2. Choose a location where to save the data file
  3. Choose master data for creation or alteration
  4. Configure user preferences
  5. Look for and enable new features in the application
  6. View 'advanced' and hence 'hidden' information 
  7. Search and open a report
  8. Navigate to additional information via a related report
  9. Choose data for entry

Well, this needn't be imagined. This is what TallyPrime provides.

A seamless experience where users can perform all these diverse operations without having to 'learn' each of these patterns separately is delightful. The convenience of just typing and getting what you want is a joy in itself. Users can achieve an unprecedented speed of working in such an environment, as they don't have to learn each interaction separately. The system behaves consistently with the user’s expectations and is super smooth, even with all the diversity each of these functional areas brings. Most of these areas have immense diversity and scale, ranging from types of masters, count of masters, types of reports, modules enabled, geography of business, versions of data files, user rights, binary choice, multi-choice and free text configurations, simple and more advanced configurations, frequent and non-frequent configurations and and so on.

When all of the above aspects come together, the end task gets done much faster, leaving the user delighted and accomplished! The application works as a user's superpower in getting the work done.

A functionality-heavy application that is used both regularly and for long hours needs to minimize the cognitive load on the user. This is what we set out to solve a while back! 

How to create this experience, and why is it challenging?

The sheer diversity of use cases and the exceptions in each of the areas listed above is a great challenge. Imagining a single experience for these is a herculean task in itself, let alone building one! User interaction, functional use cases, user behaviors across segments, and user roles create a mind-boggling diversity. Add to it the dimension of future extensibility, and we have a super exciting challenge to solve.

Even if we take for granted (for a moment) that a solution is designed and available to solve the functional and experience requirements, engineering aspects make it a non-trivial activity. Such rich functionality can't be built and maintained by a single team. Ensuring consistency is a challenge when different teams develop different functionalities.

Further, with a high volume of code come the chances of introducing bugs and drifts. With such scale and diversity come the aspects of performance as well, and maintainability of the code - remember we are in it for the long haul!  


Inspired by the way you work, Tally is designed to delight you.