TallyPrime, on a cloud service

TallyPrime on a cloud service
|Updated on: March 18, 2024

TallyPrime on AWS

As businesses grow and evolve, the business dynamics and their demands keep changing. With the current technologies evolving and new ones emerging, the need to access business applications and data from anywhere has gained momentum. Most businesses today want to leverage the cloud accounting or computing space that facilitates access to data and applications on the go. Given the prevailing situation, the need has accelerated. 

Keeping our commitment to bringing you the changes that make your life easier, we changed our licensing policy effective June 2020, which facilitates Tally license and data usage over virtual / cloud platforms. This change as a concept is known as  Tally Virtual User (TVU).

To further simplify, we have collaborated with AWS (Amazon web services) to enable businesses to access TallyPrime from anywhere.    

Alright!  Let’s now understand this in little more detail.

TallyPrime on Cloud Server, powered by AWS

It is a collaborative solution powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a powerful option for businesses to access TallyPrime from anywhere. In simple words, with the help of this solution, you can remotely access TallyPrime installed on a virtual machine.

Cloud Migration Risks & Benefits

How to buy and use TallyPrime on a cloud service?

To elaborate, now users can access TallyPrime running on a remote machine, let says installed on the cloud using a client application, no matter where you are. 

Tally on Cloud - Access TallyPrime Remotely

As illustrated in the above diagram, with the collaborated connected solution, it is now possible to install TallyPrime and the data on amazon cloud space and access it remotely by using the login credentials.

Benefits of TallyPrime on Cloud, Powered by AWS

  • While travelling or when you are meeting your clients, you can use this secure solution to access TallyPrime from anywhere

  • You will have the flexibility of working on the same data collaboratively with other users

  • You can seamlessly upload your existing data to a virtual cloud environment and continue to use the same

  • Highly cost-effective solution to access TallyPrime remotely with complete flexibility to choose the plans that work best for your business. s

  • In Tally and AWS, you have the technology leaders in their respective spaces (business software and cloud platforms). Therefore, it is highly reliable.

Find out if TallyPrime powered by AWS a right fit for your business with help the indicative scenarios 

How does the connected solution powered by AWS work?

In any remote environment, there are 2 components – A server and a client. Here, the server is the main computer in which the application and data are hosted. Here, your server is an Amazon cloud system in which TallyPrime is installed and data is configured.

On the other side, a client is a machine from which you want to access the application/data that is hosted in the server machine. You can call the client a remote computer. Using this remote computer, you can remotely log in to access TallyPrime that is hosted on a cloud server.

If you are interested, all you need to do is talk to your Tally partner and indicate your requirement. The partner will be your single point of contact, leading the engagement, suggesting and implementing the best solution based on your needs and offering you the required support

Your partner will not only handle all aspects of the solution but ensure that you don’t need to reach out to anyone else for any matter pertaining to it.

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