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TallyPrime Simple and Easy
Pratibha Devasenapathy | Updated on: October 27, 2021

Simplicity and flexibility are two crucial aspects, that we all ask for when opting for a software solution. Numerous navigations, uncountable shortcut keys, unappealing design and interface, etc. always make us turn and walk away. Especially with so many options available for a user, it is crucial that every software provider lives up to the market standards or sometimes even surpasses that and creates a new benchmark of how a software should ideally be like.

Software has become a very strong helper for businesses, and this completely reformed how companies are run in the current age. The first thing to notice is that everyone in the company, in one way or another, becomes involved in this mysterious thing and their activities are built around it. Given the nature of any software, it is imperative that its features are simple yet intuitive, so that any user can access it, seamlessly.

Thus, considering an increase in the simplistic design and user-friendly interface, we have revisited every area of our product, analysed how we can deliver the simplest experience possible and made it come alive with TallyPrime.

How is TallyPrime simple yet intuitive?

There are innumerable enhancements that have been brought into TallyPrime, most of which would need to be experienced to truly feel their power. One of these countless new enhancements is that of how simple and easy Tally Prime is to learn. No prior knowledge of Tally, no special/additional training will be required, anymore. Just installation, quick set-up and you will be all set to use Tally Prime for your everyday accounting needs.

What can you expect from TallyPrime?

  • A greatly simplified user experience, so you can discover the features in the product easily and do more without learning anything new
  • Amazing flexibility, which means the product can adapt even more to your business and its way of working
  • Transformed look and feel which will make you love the product even more

TallyPrime has been designed in a way that you will rarely need any support or help in running the product as per your needs. If at all you do, in-product help will guide you so you can figure a way out yourself. Just click ‘Help’ on the top menu or simply press F1 to get instant assistance.

While there are several experiences that we have introduced in TallyPrime, here are a few that we believe will make you never want to go back to any older version.

  1. The easy discoverability of Go To and Switch To features allow you to discover pre-built capabilities in the product which you may not have known about earlier, that would improve your business efficiency.
  2. It also helps you multitask better, moving from one transaction or report to another while keeping track of your previous actions
  3. Our magical reporting engine gets even more insightful with Change View, Basis of Values, and Exception Reports that you will find across the product
  4. The data entry and recording experiences are now dramatically simpler - moulding Tally to your business completely. The More Details capability, allows you to quickly modify or capture occasionally used information in masters and transactions
  5. With our new Top Bar, Right Bar, and more consistent user experience - you will not only be able to simply move around in the new TallyPrime but will also be unable to imagine life without it.

Printing of invoices and reports too has become much more convenient than before. With print anything from anywhere capability, getting access to crucial data has become seamless as well as eco-friendly. Several times, a business owner may need these reports to present to stakeholders. In such circumstances, the printing feature comes in handy and helps save up to 80% of paper with the optimized way and set up of printing.

TallyPrime has been carefully designed, basis our customers and its usability. Our only aim is to provide the users all the data that they need, accurately and instantly. The consistency and intuitiveness in design mean that you will be able to discover more and learn easily on the go.

So why wait to get hands on any other software product for your business needs, when TallyPrime is here to serve you in the best way possible? Redefine simplicity, experience TallyPrime now!


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