How to link Tax Registration Number(TRN) with Dubai Customs


Tally Solutions | Updated on: December 3, 2021

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and the UAE Customs Departments are working in collaboration to collect VAT on the import of goods. All the businesses registered under VAT should provide the Tax Registration Number (TRN) to the customs department in the process of clearing the imported goods. The customs department will verify the validity of the Tax Registration Number (TRN) in their system and allow the businesses to clear the imported goods without payment of VAT at customs if TRN is updated and found valid.

In other words, if Tax Registration Number (TRN) is linked with Customs registration code (CRN), it allows the businesses to clear the imported goods without payment of VAT at customs and pay later at the time of filing VAT Returns for that period.

If you are registered under VAT but yet to update TRN with the Customs department, the following are the options for you to link your Tax Registration Number (TRN) with Customs Registration Number (CRN).

  • Option 1: Update Customs Registration Number in FTA Portal
  • Option 2: Update through the Import Declaration Form
  • Option 3: Update through the Customs Department

Option 1: Update Customs Registration Number in FTA Portal

You can update the Customs Registration Number (CRN) in your FTA Profile. Login to FTA’s e-Services portal using your login credentials and update the CRN from.:

Option 2: Through the Import Declaration Form

On submitting the Import Declaration Form VAT301, the CRN will be updated in the Customs System. The following are steps to complete the Import Declaration Form.

  • Login to the FTA’s e-services portal using the username and password linked to your TRN
  • Navigate to the VAT tab on FTA e-Services Portal and click on "VAT301 – Import Declaration Form for VAT Payment"
  • Mention the port of entry, customs declaration number, declaration date, and then click 'Fetch associated registration number' to auto-populate the TRN number.
  • Complete the declaration process and submit the form.

Following this process, the FTA will electronically update the customs declaration at the customs department that the VAT payment has been completed.

Option 3: Update through Customer Department

Using this option, you can provide the TRN to the customs department office. The customs officer will verify the TRN by logging into the e-service portal. Once the officer verifies the TRN, the customs department can update your TRN on the customs department system.

Linking of TRN with CRN is one of the key actions for VAT registered businesses, especially for those who are engaged in frequent import of goods. This helps them in the faster and smoother clearance of goods from the customs port and also greatly helps in cash flow management.


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