Cost Control and Cost analysis

Ease of tracking, analysing and optimising your business spending

Cost centre and profit centre management

Cost centre and profit centre management

Easy to set-up the cost units, availability of reports with a click of a button and more importantly, effortless comparative analysis across period and cost centres, gives better insights about the cost/revenue and aid in decision making to increase efficiency.

Cost Centre and Profit Centre Management

Set budgets & track variance

Set Budgets and Track variance

Set budgets & track variance

Make informed business decisions by viewing variance reports and drilling down to the last detail. Deepen your understanding, realign your business strategies and plan budgets for increased performance with TallyPrime. In TallyPrime, it is simple to set the budget at various levels such as specific type of cost, for department etc. and track it with the actuals.

Business forecasting

Business forecasting

Improve business forecasting by visualizing different business scenarios and analysing provisional reports for sound financial planning. TallyPrime simulates different business scenarios for you to help deal with uncertainties.

Business Forecasting
Cost Control - TallyPrime

Few more features to be on top of your spendings

  • Supports multiple Cost categories and facilitates third-dimensional reporting of cost and revenue.
  • Tracking cost and revenue for each job/project using job costing feature.
  • Pre-defined allocation of cost or revenue for each cost centre.

Business reports in TallyPrime

With TallyPrime, you get access to a wide range of reports that help you analyse business performance and improve decision-making. What’s more? You can access business reports on your mobile or any device, from anywhere. Experience now with the sample data.

Accounting Reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Cash/bank books
  • Purchase/sales register
  • Bills receivables
  • Bills payables
  • Bills ageing analysis

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