ERP Software Solutions in Bahrain


Yarab A | Updated on: April 1, 2020

ERP software solutions in Bahrain

With changing business dynamics and implementation of VAT in Bahrain, most of the business in Bahrain have recognized the importance of ERP software solutions for their business. ERP software solutions in Bahrain helps the business to integrate all functions into a single unified system. Every single piece of information related to business is entered into a single system. As a result, it provides complete business information for decision making.

Looking at the diversity of business operations, ERP software in Bahrain has become an essential part of the business which cannot be separated. ERP software solutions help in increasing the efficiency in managing the business and provides real-time accurate business reports for confident decision making.

ERP solutions

ERP software being a single system which binds all the business functions together, it offers several business solutions as part of the ERP solution package. ERP solutions can range as simple as invoicing to managing the complex business requirements like inventory, banking etc.

Functions of Tally.ERP 9

Of the above ERP solutions, the following are the widely used ERP solutions by the business.

  • Production Management Solution: ERP solutions help in planning and optimizing manufacturing processes such as manufacturing capacity, parts, components, and material resources etc. using the past consumption pattern and the demand.

  • Purchasing Management Solution: Here, ERP solutions streamline the procurements process of stock and other supplies.

  • Inventory Management Solution: Key role of the ERP solution in inventory management is to maintain optimum inventory levels.

  • Sales Management Solution: Increasing the process efficiency by streamlining the order management system right from order-to-Invoice-to-cash.

  • Finance Management Solution: Major role of ERP solution in finance management is making available all the financial statements for on-time confident decisions.

  • Human Resource Management Solution: Managing people process and payouts related to employees.

Business readiness for VAT in Bahrain

In today’s competitive business world, you and your business must deal with multiple stakeholders, multiple transactions etc. and handling multiple business opportunities. Don’t let your ambitions be curtailed by the manual effort required by you to keep in pace with them.

ERP accounting software in Bahrain has helped most business in reducing the time and efforts involved in managing books and VAT compliance. Thus, you can completely focus on the most important thing ‘Growing your business’.

The ERP Accounting software in Bahrain helps in optimizing the business processes by automating several business functions and contributes to the increased efficiency in business.

Benefits of ERP accounting software in Bahrain

The following are the business benefits of using ERP accounting software in Bahrain.

  • Ease of managing books of accounts

  • Accounting and issuing VAT Compliant Invoices

  • Better control on Bills Receivable and Payables

  • Automated, accurate, complete and real-time business reports

  • Optimum inventory and stock-levels management

  • Books and records are always accurate and complete

  • Managing VAT records and generating VAT Returns on-time

  • Better cash flow management

  • Seamless Banking

  • Convenient to Access Business Data remotely

  • Managing Multiple Branches and consolidation of business Data

  • Enables Cost analysis and cost optimization

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