How Stock-Item Wise Profitability Will Give You an Overview of Your Business


August 24, 2021

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What is the ultimate goal of any business? To make profits, right? For every business owner, the primary motive is to earn more than he spends and maintain maximum profits. One of the best ways is to get a 360° view of which product of yours is helping the business maximise the profits. Generating accurate and timely reports from various business transactions is crucial to every business, and that is no news to anyone. What’s important is that these reports must be error-free and track every inventory’s movement accurately to assess the company’s profitability correctly.

What exactly is Stock-Item Wise Profitability?

Profitability being the most important objective of any business, every entrepreneur needs a tool to help them asses the same. Stock-wise item profitability is one such way which enables the business owner to know the profitability of each item considering the cost and the price. Which product is giving how much profit margin? How fast are items selling? Which products are making the most money? Such questions can be answered by your stock-item wise profitability report.

Advantages of Stock-Item Wise Profitability

  • Assessing the profits according to the selling of each stock-item will give a clear picture of how a particular item is performing in the market which will further give insights about the investment that needs to be made in that product.
  • It also helps in making better buying decisions without having to put extra efforts to go through the marketing trends.
  • A stock-item wise profitability report should tell you the date when you first sold an item as well as the date of the last sale for that product. The time gap indicates how fast the item moves and helps in creating cash flow opportunities. Since profitability is purely based on your cost and price, inventory movement alone cannot be a catalyst to assess the profits, but a combination of both the reports will help gain a better view of how much profits a business would make.

Tally’s extra simple, flexible and reliable feature of item-wise profitability assessment will make every business owner’s life as simple as it can get. Not only does Tally give you an overview of your sales for a given time period, but it also gives you insights about your inventory movement parallelly. The simple report which gets generated in a jiffy has immense capabilities. A business owner can easily view reports which are further disintegrated, detailing out the intricate details about the stock item or stock groups. In Tally, you can also calculate gross profits for each invoice, stock item, stock group as well as items and location wise. Quite appealing, isn’t it? To get a thorough view of how much profits you are making based on your stock items, take a free trial today!


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