Invoicing & Billing Software in Indonesia


Pratibha Devasenapathy | Updated on: November 25, 2021

What is a billing/invoicing software?

A billing or an invoicing software can be any software, designed to handle time and bill tracking, as well as invoicing customers for services and products, simultaneously.

Billing software is an integral part of an accounting and finance software package, and can range from the simplest and most basic to the more advanced billing software for PC with sophisticated features.

Why do businesses need a billing/invoicing software?

Primarily, it eliminates the manual data entry, and ensures that accounting figures are accurate. Accounting principles, procedures and processes are of prime importance and this is where billing software is utilised to reduce or eliminate errors and keep accounting figures accurate.

Apart from the above, an automated billing solution, carries useful features such as invoice creation, reminders, financial calendars, hours tracking, reporting options, database and records management, and many others. In short, with an ideal billing and invoicing software, businesses need not worry about tracking their bills/invoices to customers and staying compliant, with no irregularities.

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Features of a billing and invoicing software

The best billing software for your business should carry the following features:

Creation of new invoice

An invoice billing software allows you to create, print and email clean and professional invoices that can be customised like adding your logo, to match the business guidelines of a company. The software should allow extracting and integrating information from projects, timesheets, and customer records.

Create new invoice by using billing software in Indonesia

Generate purchase bills

Your billing and invoicing software should enable you to record a cash bill or invoice when you make an instant payment to the supplier, using cash or any other mode like cheque or credit/debit card. If it is purchase on credit, you should be able to record a credit purchase by using the supplier ledger. There could also be situations when you want your supplier to deliver goods to a specific location that is different from your billing address. Your invoicing software should handle all such needs of recording purchases and more.

Creating customer records

A billing software for small businesses enables you to summarize customers’ personal and purchase information and attach relevant files in a single, centralised database equipped with search filters for easy access to customer records. Also, it should be an offline billing software to enable users to work even when internet is down.

Create customer record by using invoicing software in Indonesia

Multiple currency option

Multiple currency feature enables you to connect your billing system seamlessly with the rest of your software architecture, like your basic financial operations. This setting can be useful for issuing receipts, accepting payments, and managing taxes, and it is of vital importance for businesses with global operations. Using multi-currency option, you can record invoice, quotation, orders, accept payments and receive bills in multiple currencies of your choice. It also helps you handle the gains and losses due fluctuations in rate of exchange.

Multiple currency option by using billing software in Indonesia

Multiple price level

Based on the buying and selling prices of each stock item, you may want to maintain the rates such that they automatically appear when you pass a transaction. An ideal billing and invoicing software should allow you to configure the price list, as per the stock item. It should be designed in such a way that, it allows you to create different price levels such as, wholesaler, retailer, customer, etc. and assign different price lists (quantities-based rates, discounts and waivers) to these price levels. This will eventually help in accurate and faster filing and generation of bills/invoices, by automatically capturing the relevant price levels configured by you.

Maintain multiple price level by using billing software

Maintain multiple addresses

When a business grows, it is obvious that there will be more branches and locations added. From operational cost to stock movement to storage, everything will have to be maintained in the most accurate way. An invoice billing software should allow you to add multiple billing addresses for your company and ledgers. As per your requirement, you can then use this information while passing an invoice to a customer/buyer.

Maintain multiple addresses by using invoicing software in Indonesia

TallyPrime: Billing and invoice software in Indonesia

Since invoices are much more detailed and also help in managing inventory levels, updated chart of accounts and taxation, it is imperative that your business management software gives you all the necessary information, automatically. Optimised invoice components, host of configurations, multiple billing modes and so on.. makes TallyPrime mould itself to your business, and help you maintain your financial records accurately.

Frequently asked questions

How much does invoicing software cost?

Based on your business requirement you can choose from different modules available for you on TallyPrime. You can buy TallyPrime here!

Silver Annual (Single user edition) IDR 2.835.000
Silver Perpetual (Single user edition) IDR 9.450.000
Gold Annual (Unlimited multi-user edition) IDR 8.505.000
Gold Perpetual (Unlimited multi-user edition) IDR 28.350.000

How to choose the best billing and invoicing software?

The best billing software for your business should carry the following features:

  • Creation of new invoice
  • Generate purchase bills
  • Create customer records
  • Provide multi-currency option
  • Multiple price level
  • Maintain multiple addresses

What are the benefits of billing and invoicing software?

Benefits of using billing and invoicing software for your business are:

  • Generation of accurate professional0-looking invoices
  • Flexibility to choose purchase/sales cycle management
  • Eliminates the manual data entry
  • invoice creation
  • Set payment reminders and financial calendars
  • Track hours
  • Generate accurate reports
  • Database and records management

What are billing procedures?

A billing process varies from company to company. Purchase and sales cycles could vary, depending on the system established by a business owner. However, no matter what your purchase/sales cycle is, TallyPrime is flexible enough to mold itself to your way of working. Even if the cycles vary from party-to-party, you can generate bills and invoices to suit your business requirements.

What is the difference between invoicing and billing?


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