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|Updated on: January 10, 2022

As a trader liable for GST, you might be evaluating GST Software for your business. Tally.ERP 9, the GST Software is best suited for your business. In India, the first choice of traders since years is Tally.ERP 9 because of its power of simplicity. Tally.ERP 9's latest version offers complete accounting, inventory, and statutory modules with GST to help you easily run and manage your business. As you are aware, a lot of changes have been made in the GST law compared to VAT regime. Therefore, a trader is eligible to claim input credit for excise, services and business expenses also. This creates a need to have GST software for traders to easily manage all these without spending a lot of time. All these are handled in GST-Ready Tally.ERP 9.

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Few of the key features of GST Software for dealers/traders are:

GST Billing/Invoicing for traders

As a trader, billing is one of the most critical aspects and with GST in place, the need to print bills as per the GST format is the need of the hour. Tally.ERP 9 offers GST Billing as per the GST format and provides the flexibility to print additional fields based on business needs. Our GST Software also offers POS billing for handling retail operations for small traders. Trader/Dealer can manage both local and interstate GST billing and corresponding taxes with Tally’s GST Software for traders.

Reverse Charge Mechanisms in Tally’s GST Software

As per GST law, reverse charge will be applicable in certain scenarios like imports, purchases from unregistered dealers, or in case of purchase of certain services that comes under reverse charge. All these are well handled in GST-Ready Tally.ERP 9. As a dealer, you can make the required transactions and Tally.ERP 9 will detect the transactions and display the right values in proper columns in the GST Forms as per the law.

Advance Payments handling as per GST Law

As a dealer if you are receiving advance payment for an order, then it will attract GST. Using Tally’s GST software dealer can easily manage this scenario and the same will be reflected in appropriate columns in the GST returns.

Handling Advance Receipt in Tally’s GST Software

As per the GST Act, now you have to pay tax on Advance Receipts, and the same has to be showcased in GSTR-1 in a separate table. With GST-ready Tally, now you can easily manage Advance Receipts, and adequate tax can be calculated with simplicity.

Generate Error-Free GST Returns with Tally’s ERP Software for Traders

GST-Ready Tally offers Prevention, Detection and Correction for a dealer to generate error-free GST returns. While creating transactions, Tally.ERP 9 will alert you in case of wrong tax type selection. Further, when you view GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B in Tally.ERP 9, a trader will see a list of transactions with missing information like GSTIN Number or tax amount or having some mismatches based on triangulation. You can check and correct these transactions as needed, and you can generate error-free data for your returns.

Support for Form GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B in GST Software for Traders

GSTR-3B is currently available in MS Word format as per the form designed by GST. You can generate this form using Tally.ERP 9 in the required format, go to the GSTN portal and fill in the details easily.

For Form GSTR-1, Tally’s ERP Software for traders will export required data to an MS Excel file which can be converted to JSON format using the offline utility provided by GSTN, the trader can then easily upload the JSON file to the GSTN portal.

Manage Multiple Godowns

As a trader you might be having multiple warehouses or godowns and want to manage them simultaneously. With Tally.ERP 9, you can manage multiple godowns and can see at any instance the stock positions in any of the godowns as well as cumulative stock position.

Multiple Price Lists

In trading, generally based on the customer’s behaviour you might need multiple price lists. As a trader, you can manage multiple price lists in GST Software for Dealer based on your business, be it wholesale or retail or some other category.

Outstanding Reports for traders

With Tally.ERP 9, you can see the payment performance of the parties with whom you are dealing. You can do the ageing analysis of your outstanding or Receivables/Payables in Tally.ERP 9. Tally.ERP 9 also provides flexibility to view bill-wise reports for a party and you can track bill-wise outstanding for your parties.

Inventory Management in GST Software for traders

Using Tally.ERP 9, as a trader, you will have access to the item-wise profitability report. You can manage your stocks under multiple categories in Tally.ERP 9. You can see the stock summary report at any instance, define MRP of the items, and view the current value of the stocks available with you. You can take quick decisions to purchase or liquidate stocks based on the ageing analysis of the items.

Easy access to Balance Sheet and other reports in GST-Ready Software

With a single click, you can check your balance sheet or profit and loss account statement at any instance. As a trader, you will have quick access to Cash flow projections and you can easily manage your finance.

Support for Banking and Reconciliation in GST Software for Dealers

Cheque printing facility is provided in GST-Ready Tally.ERP 9 for a trader to easily print their cheques. Also, a trader can keep a track of all the cheques issued to all the parties. With Tally.ERP 9 you can easily upload a softcopy of your bank statement and Tally. ERP 9 will reconcile and fill the dates against the bank transactions, this will help traders in saving time and errors.

GST Software Pricing

TallyPrime's latest offering for Traders/Dealers comes in two variants Silver edition (Single User) and Gold (Multi-User) edition. Silver edition is priced at Rs. 18000/- plus taxes and Gold edition is priced at Rs. 54,000/- plus taxes.

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