Essential Business Software for Small Business and Start-ups


December 13, 2021

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Regardless of the type of discomfort, procrastination is your brain’s way of telling you there’s something missing - something you need in order to complete the task.

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Identifying the type of discomfort you’re experiencing often reveals a way to address it, and in so doing, remove your desire to keep putting the task off. ( Thanks, procrastination! )

Being a business owner of a small business or a start-up, the plate is always full. Day-in and out, you have to manage and execute plenty of things. You got to deal with multiple stakeholders, look into orders, stock, compliance adherence etc. Some situations require you to pull the things single-handedly.

In between every day’s hustle-and-bustle, you got to keep your eye on money being spent as well as the money coming in. In short, you need to have a grip on the cash flow. The list doesn’t stop here. It goes on and on.

All of this for a simple reason to run the business efficiently and more importantly the business growth. In the journey of business growth, a business software helps you manage complexities associated with the growth and enhances the performance by leaps and bounds.

Keeping the small business and start-up's in focus, we are listing key areas to look for and software solutions available to manage it efficiently.

Billing or invoicing

Billing or invoicing, whichever way you choose to call, is one of the most crucial part of the business. The moment you close a deal or sell, the next thing that requires is billing. The billing software for small business helps you to process the invoice quickly. You need to look for one that is simple, quick and can be operated with minimum or zero expertise.

Billing software helps you to print the professional-looking invoice that adds up to your reputation. Small business billing software’s are flexible in a way that helps you to personalise the invoice with details you need.

GST compliance

For small business or start-up, compliance is one such area where most of the time gets devoted. GST being indirect tax, you need to be compliant for every single invoice you issue and the returns that you file. This is too big ask for a business like you.

GST software designed for small business can alleviate this to a great extent. The small business GST software’s are designed with the inbuilt checks and capabilities that will prevent and alert if there is an error. Also, helps you to detect errors and solve them seamlessly.

This ensures every invoice you issue is GST compliant and the GST returns that you file are accurate.

Inventory management

Huge working capital is held in the form of inventory. The way you manage can make or break your business. You need to be top of your inventory always. You need to know the products that are slow-moving, high-yielding products, stock ageing etc. to make a smart decision. Again, it is not an easy task for small business and start-ups. Here is why inventory software for small business is help-full.

Small business inventory management software helps you maintain optimum inventory level, uninterrupted production and sales, high customer satisfaction, reduced inventory handling cost etc. The insights from the reports that inventory management software provides will help you stay on top of inventories and make on-time smart decisions.

Accounting software for small business

Looking at the important business activities, there are business software’s that are designed for small businesses. Accounting software for small business help in managing all the activities in the single software. One can also choose a software that helps you manage specific activity like billing software fulfils invoicing requirements or GST software that helps you manage GST requirements.

While different choices are available, small business accounting software will be the most recommended considering the business operations and the needs that grow along with the business. The small business accounting software comes with a complete business solution that allows you to manage all aspects such as billing, GST, Inventory, banking etc. in a single software.

This avoids the situations of buying a separate software each time the need arises and more importantly since all activities are managed in a single software, the integrated business information gives you a complete view of business and help you make smart business decisions.

TallyPrime is a complete business management software for business like you.  It offers complete solutions right from accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, payroll etc. in a single software. Take a look at complete features of TallyPrime.

FAQs on business management software for small businesses

  • Why do small businesses need software?

Small businesses need business management software to efficiently manage various functions of the business such as accounting, inventory, banking, cash flow etc. Also, it helps you to manage complexities associated with the growth and enhance the performance by leaps and bounds.

  • How do small businesses bill clients?

Small businesses bill the customers either by using the invoicing software or manually bill customers using the pre-defined filling format.

  • What are the benefits of billing and invoicing software?
    • Fast and easy filling
    • Error-free invoicing
    • Print professional-looking invoices that help you build the business credibility.
    • Multiple billing formats to suit your need

  • What does inventory management software do?

Inventory management software helps small businesses to manage the optimum levels of inventories with no risk of understocking or overstocking.

  • How to choose business software for small businesses?
    • Easy to implement and use the software
    • Supports multiple business modules
    • Wide variety of Insight full business
    • Flexible software that adapts to your way of managing business

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