Security Management and its Salient Features

|Updated on: December 29, 2021

What is security management?

While running a business, you have several stakeholders to manage different verticals. A well-managed business would have various departments, which will be headed by different individuals and will be accountable for the work confined to a particular vertical. In such scenarios, data leakage is quite common as the access to company data would be provided at different levels, varying on the dependencies. It’s extremely crucial that stringent security measures are taken to prevent data spillage within as well as outside of the organisation. Thus, encrypting the data, providing layers of security and limiting access, all of these come under security management.

Features which are widely used to secure the data in Tally:

·       Create a strong password policy

Setting a strong password policy for the Tally data shall help secure and safeguard the financial information of the company from unauthorized changes. In TallyPrime, the Administrator can set a password policy for all the Tally users while creating and managing passwords for their company.

·       Voucher type security

The administrator in Tally can provide the department and role-based permissions of masters, voucher type and reports to different users based on the business requirement. Assigning Voucher Type level security shall help to control and restrict access of individual Voucher Type and report from different users. In case you need more enhanced security to prevent your Tally data like more type of access, providing Backdate or cutoff date for each voucher types etc. you can check out Voucher Type Level Security Module.

·       Secure data access

Confidentiality of the data is a major concern of every business owners today, thus every business must take steps towards preventing the visibility of data location from its users which is possible only by centrally managing all the data center activities i.e. through data server and hiding the actual location of data files. Centralized data server management helps to monitor and keep track of User activities or patterns on a daily basis which is possible only through Tally.Server 9 a Tally Solution product which acts as a data server who manages the data files and helps access and operate Tally only by providing the Data server name. The location of the data file is not required.

·       Install virus/malware protection software

Antiviruses help safeguard the data from malware and viruses attacks which if not taken care of leads to paying of a huge amount for release of data.

·       Take a regular backup of your data

One of the best methods which every business must use on a day to day basis is taking backup of data on daily basis. Backup acts as a recovery system during unwanted situations and helps towards smooth business continuity. If you are in hurdle of manually taking backup every day then you should use Smart backup++, the module which automatically takes backup of the Tally data and stores the copy in multiple locations on a scheduled time.


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