Payroll software in Bangladesh

 | Updated on: December 14, 2021

What is payroll software?

Payroll software in Bangladesh is as important as it is in the rest of the world. But what is it exactly? In short, payroll software enables you to manage the payments of all your employees without hassles. Payment can take a big part of your time especially in an organization that has hundreds of employees. Payroll software makes it easier as it frees up the HR teams from managing payroll manually which can be prone to errors. You can find payroll software as a standalone software solution or it can come as a part of business accounting software. Payroll software solutions are flexible, automated, and easy to configure which makes them a must-have for every business.

Key features of payroll software

When you are looking for payroll software in Bangladesh, you should make sure it has the following key features. These features ensure your business can enjoy the benefits of payroll software and you are getting the most out of it. You should always take your time when selecting a payroll software for your business. Use this as a guide to

Why Is Accounting Software in Bangladesh So Important?

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Easy to onboard employees

The software should enable you to easily add new hires so you can manage payroll from the beginning. This process should not be complicated and it should not take more than a few minutes either. You should be able to enter key information in a single place and it should store it for further processing. Whether you are adding one employee or more, the software should make onboarding simple.

employee onboarding process using TallyPrime

TallyPrime has simple employee onboarding process

Simple to organise employee

Payroll software that is truly a good one will ensure you can organise various components. It will give you the ability to create groups and categorize employees as you need according to your business requirements. The solution should also enable you to be in control of deductions and allowances for every employee.

Attendance management

The right payroll software will enable you to manage employee attendance with ease. You will be able to manage and maintain employee attendance by recording when he is on leave, if he has worked overtime, and so on. As this data is directly linked to payment, a payroll software solution should have this feature.

Benefits of payroll software in Bangladesh

There are many benefits of payroll software in Bangladesh. Regardless of the type and size of your business, you can find the payroll software quite useful. The following are some of the major benefits that businesses experience when using robust payroll software.

Improved transparency

Payroll software ensures there is a higher level of transparency in the organization which can help provide insights to business owners. Employee salaries and wages are among the highest expenses that a business can incur. When you know how much you are spending on employee salaries and wages, you can better plan for the future. The transparency aspect offered by payroll software ensures businesses stay within their budget and don’t end up overspending which can wreak havoc in their business. Payroll software also comes with a reporting feature that lets you in on the specifics of payroll so you can make vital decisions.

Increased accuracy

Imagine managing payroll with papers or even on an Excel spreadsheet. While these options are always available, they are prone to human errors which can cause problems to your entire business. With a payroll software solution, data accuracy and integrity is ensured which boosts the morale of employees as they know they will receive the right payment timely every single time. Payroll software makes it easy to manage the payroll of new hires and it ensures you are up-to-date with the latest regulations. All this ensures high accuracy and better control over the payroll.

Manage payroll using TallyPrime

Automation means higher accuracy as can be seen in TallyPrime

Easy scalability

Payroll software allows for easy scalability as your business grows. If you were to manage and maintain payroll using the manual method or the simple Excel method, then it would be impossible to do it timely and accurately. With a dedicated payroll solution, your business can scale without the extra complications of having to onboard every single employee again. You can easily add new employees that have been recently hired in your other branch office and so on. Payroll software can easily adapt and it can cut down on many time-consuming tasks related to making payments to your employees.

Frees up time

It may not seem like managing salaries is a big deal. But it is. Businesses that use the traditional methods of payroll management know how long it takes to ensure the right salary is being sent and that every employee is being paid on time. It can take hours and even days in some cases especially when the payment is based on the work done. With payroll software, you don’t have to spend so much time dealing with payroll. You can automate and make changes when you need to and the salary will be credited to each employee at the right time every month. This leaves ample time to focus on other business-critical tasks.

Why is payroll software important for businesses in Bangladesh?

Payroll software in Bangladesh is crucial for business success because of the benefits it offers. Payroll software improves employee morale. Imagine waiting for the entire month and receiving the wrong salary which is half of what you expected to receive. Businesses that don’t use payroll software often have to suffer from instances like this. With a payroll system in place, employees receive what they deserve and that too on time. Automated payroll solutions ensure you get detailed insights into payroll so you can compare and make decisions that can impact your business. Payroll systems with reporting features enable you to get a glimpse or thorough analysis of payroll.

Payroll software ensures that only the people who need the payroll-related information get access to it. You don’t want everyone in your business to get information about everything that is stored on your systems. Payroll systems improve security as only those people who are authorized to get access to the salary details and account details can get it. Without payroll software in place, it can be easy to mess up payments and pay more. Payroll software ensures no such mistakes occur and payments are done timely and accurately. It is particularly useful for businesses that employ gig workers and those who have trouble managing the payments of their current staff.

Payroll software solutions enable you to get insights that are not possible with traditional forms of payroll management. You get reports that can show you how well a new hire is doing and whether his work justifies the cost to the company. Reports from payroll systems can help businesses to develop forecasts so they are better prepared for future scenarios. It can also help you develop budgets so you know how much you are spending on salaries and wages compared to the revenue that is being generated. This can help by showing you where improvements can be made and this benefits your entire business.

TallyPrime: Your ultimate payroll software in Bangladesh

If you are looking for accounting software and payroll software in Bangladesh then TallyPrime is the best option available. It makes payroll processing easy with its automated function that enables you to make timely payments to all your employees. The software solution enables you to compute complex calculations with ease to ensure you are on top of the game when it comes to payroll processing and accounting. TallyPrime’s automation feature allows you to automate all repetitive tasks while ensuring the utmost accuracy. You also have features such as multiple employee grouping, and more. Try TallyPrime for free today and you will see how much of a difference it can make for your business’ efficiency.

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